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blooming candles   were created in the months following the covid outbreak as an antidote to the frenetic disconnection of modern life and as a means of holding temporal space and ceremony around constant and cataclysmic loss (informed by experiences with adhd). 

as of 2021 the "store" is closed but candles may be made to order on a one-off basis and may take up to 3 months for delivery 

UPDATE: candles sold at artisan markets via River Valley Guild

changing form,

we do not disappear


blooming candle for processing loss, transformation, and renewal

ignite for aid in safe passage between realms

ritual suggestions included digitally upon delivery

+ flowers dried and re-purposed from a 2019 music video production

+ made with 100% soy wax

+ sanitized before and during distribution 


33% of proceeds will go toward The Native American COVID-19 Mutual Aid Fund (GoFundMe) organized by Aniwa and The Boa Foundation to provide basic needs for Indigenous peoples in 6 reservations across the United States



items are offered pay-what-you-wish

suggested amount : $38-$54

= actual price for labor and materials is about $42 per candle =

= accepting exchange =

via VENMO @Hanna-Wellish

please indicate color, quantity, and shipping preference in an email to with the Subject line "bloom"








+ dark purple

+ light pink

+ red/yellow

+ unopened bud


+ USPS Standard Shipping (additional $4 flat rate -- US ONLY -- or email me we can work it out)

+ Delivery (in Brooklyn only) -- or email me we can work it out)

+ Pickup (at McGolrick Park in Greenpoint)

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